Saturday, 26 December 2015

Fattest man in the world dies from heart attack

38 year old Andres Moreno from Ciudad Obregon
in Sonora Mexico, known as the fattest man in
the world who weighs about 980lbs suffered a
heart attack and died while being rushed to the
Football Superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo sent him
a signed Real Madrid shirt to encourage him to
lose weight before he did a weight loss surgery.
Publicist. Carmen Palacios said Moreno weighed
700lbs at the time of his death and they needed
a team of seven staff to put him on the
reinforced stretcher before taking him to the
Moreno was overwhelmed when he received the
shirt. He said:” Sometimes you think that people
live in another world way from the people, but that
is not the case. I feel as if I had gotten a
Christmas gift before Christmas.”
He went through the surgery even though he
knew that it was risky. “ I want to show them that
no matter how large they are, there is still hope.”
The operation involved removing about 70
percent of his stomach to re-route a lengthy
portion of his small intestine in order to reduce
meal quantities and the absorption of calories
from food.
The heart attack which led to his death wasn’t
his first, as he had suffered a couple of others
before and he was already bedridden and
suffering a number of serious illnesses.
Moreno who is a former police officer got
dumped by his wife as his weight gain
progressed. “ I lost my wife who I lived with for
three years because I was fat. I realized I was
putting on more and more weight and getting
bigger but it was like a snowball I couldn’t stop.
Friends and family would visit me and when they
went I was left alone crying and sad because of my
situation and begging God to put me back on the
right path.”
The Surgeon who performed his operation, Jose
Anthonio Castaneda said ahead of it that he
wouldn’t have lasted another five years without
it. Moreno had plans to set up an organization to
help other obese people keep in shape.
Mexico has a record for a large number of
overweight population, the former fattest man in
the world was also from there before he passed
away last year.

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