Monday, 28 December 2015

Four Instagram Comedians That Would Take Over Nigerian Comedy In 2016

Instagram comedians are gradually becoming the
new face of comedy in Nigeria, And number 1 on our list is

Craze Clown:

With over half a million followers, this comedian
has clearly found his place in the hearts of
Instagram comedy lovers.
And because he already hosts his own shows
here, we know he is on his way on becoming one
of the biggest names in Comedy.

2..Fish Entertainer

In a business that is clearly very competitive,
this particular comedian decided to take things
up a notch.
Stepping out of his comfort zone into real life
locations, Fish Entertainer brings humor to his
fans in the realest way.
And we know when the fame gets bigger than
Instagram, this guy already has it covered

.3..Comedian Ebiye

When Linda Ikeji bought her house, there were
different reactions however the most popular
reaction came from Comedian Ebiye.
After posting a clip of what it would be like to be
the Blogger’s boo in her Banana Island mansion,
the ‘gram went crazy over this guy.
And since then, we have refused to sleep on him.
In fact, the motto is to stay woke!


Probably the only popular female in the
Instagram comedy business right now, Wofai
seems to have found the secrets the guys in this
business are using.
However, amazing as she might be at the craft,
she revealed to me that when she did the first
video, it was a joke. Like literally, she did not
think it would be a big deal.
But then it went viral!
And something she randomly did shot her up the
comedy ladder on the ‘gram, even getting her
Don Jazzy’s attention and backing (the record
label exec and super producer appeared in one of
her videos). And now, she is making bank and
cashing out. And, even got her Ebony Life TV gig
as Emmah Oh My God’s co-host without trying
too hard.

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