Saturday, 12 March 2016

Mo’Cheddah Remembers Late Dad

Music star and fashionista Mo’Cheddah took to
Instagram to remember her later father who she
claims she loves more than anything.

See what she wrote :

Hey dad 

I miss your smile, I miss your laugh , I miss your
love , I miss your hugs , I miss our chats , I miss
singing to you, I miss your beautiful heart ,
All this time has passed but I miss you still.. It’s
almost 10 years since you left and They say time
heals but I haven’t, I still feel that pain, that
indescribable heart ache, that empty space….. I
carry you in my heart everyday and I ask myself ”
what would daddy want me to do?” I hope I have
made you proud of all I have done.. i only hope
to be half the person you were,because no one, I
mean no one can be as amazing as you, that’s
why God had to have you.

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