Sunday, 26 June 2016

5 ways to increase your #Sex drive.

 This is a topic which most couple, partners are shy to speak about and it shaving off the good and pleasurable part of their #sex life, you might think you have it all together in the area of sexual satisfaction with your partner, but I think you will also have area you need to improve on.
  We will give you hints / secrets on how to improve your sex drive.

 1. Have #Sex Regularly:
        Most medical expert have have concluded on these as the secret of enjoying the true pleasure of sex with your partners, also emphasis has also been laid on having #sex with one partner.

  2. Eat fruits seed and nuts

     This might sounds funny but it also one of the most powerful secret to increase your sex drive. Most sexologist call "nut" a natural #Viagra ,because the acid in nuts increase the flow of blood better to human #genitals.

 3.Reduced / Stop Smoking.

    Most people don't know that #smoking have negative effect on our sex life , because it slow down the rate of blood flows to our #sex organs and also reduce the rate at which these organs respond to stimulus.

  4.Good look

   This is a sure fact that we all know , when a man / woman is good looking , it #automatically activate the sex drive of the opposite sex.

   5. Eating Chocolate.

   #Chocolate has a special substance /fluid called "phenylethylamine" It increases #libido for both sexes (men and women

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