Tuesday, 5 July 2016

10 best ways to manage your wedding Cost.

  Most event planners have noticed that the pre -wedding preparation for any bride is alway stressful as the couples take calculative measures unto how they plan to manage their cost/expense and not lavish their resources. However we bring you certain key ways to manage this #valuable resources you have, just follow:

 1. #Hired an event planner.

  Most couples may think that hiring an event planner for their wedding preparation may be more of liability to them, but the truth is that the presence of an event planner would outrightly reduce stress and worries of the couples and also event planners are expert in managing resources.

 2. Consider your Credit card.

   This mean you should know your value, worth and "cut your coat according to your size, when hiring or buying you should put into consideration the amount you have in your account.

3. Employ the service of a local expertise.

   This comes in when you are planning on how you want your wedding cake to look like , so many think that all big and good looking cakes are alway expensive, but it will shock so many people that most of them were baked by some catering student at a very cheap rate .

  4. Hired Upcoming musician.

   To get the best of music with a reasonable amount , the best thing to do is hired upcoming talent, because when you so , it will bring about satisfaction to the fullness, because this artist would unveil their best to your audience.

5. Forget about custom printed invitation card.

  Unknown to so many couple , most people they invite with their expensive customised invitation card don't notice the glamour or gold tilt design that the card carries , they just collect it and dump it in their house. So why waste money and not go for the moderate ones.

6. Plan to cut your cake early.

  This tactic might look funny but it works , when you cut your cake early it will give no room for unnecessary #paparazzi by photograhers and your videograher ,which will surely reduce cost, also most people prefer snapping with their phone than using the service of a photograher.

7. Make your friends monitor the caterer.

Most caterers charge for their loss which may be loss of plates, cup and the rest, so when they are been monitored they will not be able to accrued such expense on you.

 8. Buy cheap juice and Wine.

  So many people love expensive wine ,which they don't know that it play a big role in wrecking their wedding budget funds.

9. Manage your time.

  A good wedding planner would teach couples this, because the longer you get , the more expenses you would pay for.

10. Enjoy your day.

  Just enjoyed your day and don't get stressed out, just let your event planners, caterers, musician do their job, you don't have to focus your attention on them.

   In conclusion , alway have a positive mindset and belief over your wedding preparation, don't think that something will go wrong. Remember , it is your special day.

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