Saturday, 23 July 2016

Naija girl struck lovely resemblance with Rihanna.(photos)

An Unknown , Naija girl posted cute picture of herself on facebook , which oyinvibes came aross and decided to share with you . So many people have turn up to this claim that they look like the popular pop singer ,Rihanna but this one is convincing.

We haven't gotten her identity yet , but judging by her beautiful look , i think we are safe to say , she is a " igbo girl ". You might think you also look like Rihanna just like the song of Seyi Shey (pack and go).

Are you not convince enough about this , we will surely like to hear from you concerning this , kindly drop your comment below.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

This girl looks nothing like Rihanna, NOTHING. She looks like any random black girl. I don't know why people make this shit to Rihanna. Only girls in the that have resemblances with Rihanna: and People need glasses with the highest degree ever and a mental doctor, if they see any resemblances of this girl with Rihanna. People don't really see Rihanna like she is.