Friday, 22 July 2016

See!! Justin Bieber's New look , he's change a lot.

  Popular Canadian-born ,America Singer ,Justin bieber caught the attention of his fans and well wishers when he uploaded and shared this picture with ferris buellers , which he also captioned " ferris buellers day off" , So many of his fan all over the globe quickly react to his rare look.

    So, Don't let me be quick to say that some of us might think secretly and ask ourselve this question " Is bieber struggling with cancer or what could be the reason he has to cut off his trademark hair". However , fans might get pissed off with his new look ,but he is not bothered about it.

  You might want to express your mind or show your thought over this new and strange look of your favourite celebrity .Feel free to drop your comment let your mind be free.


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