Thursday, 14 July 2016

Sponsored post: Say No to petrol and powered your generator with Gas.

Wow!!! Grychip technologies ltd bring you the good news that will relieve you of the stress of nigeria current "petrol palava".  Yes , it true you can now powered your generator with gas.
     Surely, it's time for us to say NO to fuel and buy our hybrid carburetor converter kit to run your generator @ a very low cost  with cooking gas
Advantages of running your gen on cooking gas(LPG):
>> Gas is cheaper and always available
>> Gen noise/sound is reduced by 30-50%
depending on age, make of gen and load
>> It's also eco-friendly. Gen stops smoking
>> Engine oil lasts longer before getting dirty
>> Gen Servicing frequency is reduced
>> Tested and confirmed okay, and currently in use
in our office
>> 12.5kg gas of N3,000 gives you about 60hrs of
electricity on 2.5Kva gen - that's about N50.00/hr
or 12days, if you run gen for max of 5hrs/day

The technology is simply an easy to install hybrid
carburetor that enables your existing petrol generator
to run on domestic/cooking gas (LPG), while still
allowing you the option of running petrol (in case you
run out of gas)
Anyone who can loosen a bolt, can remove your existing
carburetor and install Greychip Carburetor. You can at
most engage a mechanic, including apprentice mechanic,
to help with installation.
We sell the most advanced version of the carburetor
which allows you switch between petrol and gas (LPG
or CNG), depending on what's available to you, on same
The device isn't compatible for 'I better pass my
Neighbour' (the smallest tiger gens) and gens with
capacities above 10kva. Yamaha and diesel gens are not
compatible, too
The device comes in two sizes: Small one for 2kva -
3.5kva gen capacity and big one for 4kva -10kva

Safety concerns
Lots of Nigerians are still afraid of gas, as some think
it could cause explosion, but I don't blame them. It's
lack of research and limited knowledge, which suggests
why most Nigerians still don't use gas cookers at home.
Truth is a running propane gas cylinder on generator is
safer than running it on cookers. Cookers naturally
generate flame (naked fire), yet do not cause
explosions, as the cylinders are built to handle the
generated flame, whereas your gen doesn't generate
Again, if there's a leakage from your cylinder/hose in
your kitchen, gas can easily accumulate and any ignition
can cause fire, being that your kitchen is an enclosure,
whereas your gen and cylinder, being outside, has
adequate ventilation, which will naturally circulate away
any leaked gas - reducing the chance of fire and
explosion, in case of fire ignition.
Although we recommend you keep your gen and cylinders
outdoors to avoid overhearing, and use a hose of 3-5
yards. Also, avoid having your gen in a cluster of running
gens, like we have in some apartments.
We are the only authorised importers and distributors
of original Greychip Hybrid Carburetors. Although our
carburetors have up to 6yrs lifespan, we give 1yr warranty
 We also
boast of the most experienced engineers always willing
to help out customers needing technical support.
N25,000 FOR SMALL ONE (2.5kva - 3.5kva) AND
N30,000 FOR BIG ONE (3.6kva - 10kva), and prices
also cover for gas regulator, hose and clip
(complete kit).
We do DELIVERY to all parts of Nigeria, through
road transport & so you'll be required to follow up on
the driver who'll give it to - within 48hrs. For Lagos,
we ship through courier within 48hrs, too. Full payment
must be made into our accounts below before delivery
Resellers and distributors wanted
We have two levels of Distributorship.
(1) Buy minimum of N200,000 worth of products and
become Independent Distributor - you get N2,000 -
N3,000 discount per carburetor
(2) Buy products worth 1-2 million naira & become Sole
Distributor for any town/city in Nigeria . Sole Distributors can get up to #7,000 discount
per product, listing on  newspaper adverts,
bulk SMS, fliers, etc.

We are also looking for motivated individuals to join
our team as Accredited Installers whose contact details
are published and sent customers within their location,
for professional installation of our hybrid carburetors.
Installers are currently paid N5,000 per installation, and
yet we have more 100 times more customers than
available installations. Accredited Installer also get min
of N2,000 discount per product. If interested, kindly
visit our offices with a passport photo and
copy of your ID if available for professional installation training.
Training and accreditation.
If interested, kindly visit our office at
Enugu offices
 shop 13 powa shopping complex by police station ogui road Enugu, No 6 Atani street Abakpa Nike Enugu or call 08140743637, 088036660027 .for enugu state.
lagos head office @ 70 Allen Avenue,  Ikeja lagos state
Ebonyi office
Benob ventures Nig @14 Udensi street Abakaliki Ebonyi state
call 08054241134,0803700565


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